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Dissonance Lyrics

by Black Lodge


Dissonance Song Lyrics

Dissonance by Black Lodge

"Painted numbly pacing rooms
Drowning in deepsea sleep
Dancing a sweeter life in
Slow pursuit of the evergreen
Lustre radiating blood
Veiled in crimson monochrome
Passified dissolved in
Rust red corrosion"

Whisper to me unattainable one
I stand a beggar to her
She the featureless river of all I know to want

"Reach for my image
Let our beauty resound
The want of me is yours to feel but
Myself is mine alone"
In the dissonance of desire she dances with my demons
And walks with my dispair
She is the emptiness inside me, the rainbow out of reach
Yet she calls for me to reach out for her again, I reach for her again
By her effeminate touch, love pain and beauty are released as one
What is she but my own creation, all what life fails to give
Her name overpowering want

Current drawing me to nothing hungry I follow
Dissonance of desire, of defence I am deprived
I am deprived of power to love presently
Stripped of fear and foolish pride
Leave me
To let her go is death
I have nothing except sardonic me

"Sink into deep"
I'm drowning
"Name be lost for years"
Be silent
"Submit your will to me and sleep"
You shall be forgotten

"And what if
What if all it takes is hope"

I grow tired in the search, I grow tired of waiting
Hope is what life has granted me, lies is what hope proves to be
A faint whisper lingers on
How can I denounce her name, capture her soul
Her face will change with my lust
Her voice the source of grief, essence of life
The rainbow's black in my eyes

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