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Blacker - Fake tan lyrics

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Fake tan by Blacker

Hey Jimmy
What? What? What?
Hey Jimmy
What What What
Your Girlfriend is some loser
Well you see, It comes down to this
(attempted rap)
Jimmy is a dick and his girlfriend is a prick
She used to be a tranny she shoves things up her fanny
She has a big huge head and she takes up all the bed
She eats like a horse and it's always very coarse
I wanna do her mother and I wanna kill her brother
Cuz he's such a big pain in the ass
I'll kill him with a stick yeah i'll chop off his dick
I am 6 foot four i'm taller than his door
Anyways back to jimmy's girlfriend
She burns very easily so she uses.....
(some sort of choir)
Fake tan oh oh oh oh
Fa-ake ta-an oh oh oh oh
She uses fake tan cuz she's a fake b**ch
Lets throw the b**ch into the ditch
Faa-aake taa-aan oh oh oh

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