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Blackalicious - Alphabet acrobatics lyrics

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Alphabet acrobatics by Blackalicious

"Now it’s time for our rap up
Let’s give it everything we’ve got.
Ready. Begin."
Artificial amateurs aren't they all amazing.
an*lytically I assault animate things.
Broken barriers bounded by the bomb beat.
Buildings are broken basically I’m bombarding.
Casually create catastrophes casualties
Canceling cats got the canopies collapsing
Detonated dime a dank, daily doing DOE.
Demonstrations don, dot it on the down low.
Eating other editors with each and every energetic
Epileptic episode, elevated etiquette.
Furious phat fabulous fantastic,
Flurries of funk felt feeding the fanatics.
Gift got great global goods gone glorious.
Getting godly in this game with the glorious.
Hit ‘em high hella hype historical
Hey holocaust hens, Hirem, holla at your homeboy.
Imitators idolize I intimidate
In an instant I’ll arise in an irate state.
Juiced on my jams like jerry curls, jockin’ joints
Justly it’s just me writin’ my journals.
Kindly I’m kindling all kinds of King Kong.
Karate kid type grits in my kingdom.
Let me live a long life lyrically
Lessons is learned. Lame lozenges lose to my livery.
My mind makes marvelous moves masses.
Marvel and move many mock what I’m passed in
Niggas nap knowing I’m nice naturally.
Knack never lack make noise nationally.
Operational opposition off not optional,
Out of sight out of mind wide aiming opticals
Perfected poems, Powerful punch lines,
Pummeling petty powder puffs in my prime.
Quiet quaint quos keep quiet this quantum.
Quarrelling got a quarterly well we got ‘em.
Really raw raps, Rising up rapidly
Riding the rushing radioactivity.
Super scientifically sounds serve saw.
Senicide super sized sounds in the saw.
Tales ten-times talented too tough.
Take that challengers get a tune up.
Universal unique untouched.
Unadulterated ,the raw uncut.
Verb vice forb victorious valid.
Violate vibes make a vain nigga vanish.
Wide more well, with a wise wordsmith, just
Weeding up words weaning off in my worship.
Xerox my x-radiation hoes extra hoes,
Extra large letter and xylophone poems.
Yellow back yak back young ones yon.
Yesterdays larn yard sell like a yarn.
Zig-zag zombies zooming to the zenith.
Zeroing engines on the Zen around zealots (zee-lots).
"Hahaha, good, can you say it faster?"

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