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Bitch - Pissed lyrics

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Pissed by Bitch

It might be rude to scream
But i get so pissed
All your space gets sucked away
Becomes their junkyard mist
The country is shrinking
Everyone's breeding
Like rats in a cage
We're strangled and scared
Could we just take care
Of each other could we
Just take care
Could we see beyond
The pasture of childhood rage
And minimum wage
Could we see beyond this
Pasture your country
Was built on slaves
Driving down and out of chicago
I'm looking for the highway
And i look around
And oh my goddess
What have we done
Past the jewel osco pass the bus
Spewing black air all over
This black neighborhood
Mainly it's bars and fast food
Fast fast food cheap poison
Oh my goddess
What have we done
What have my fathers
Done to my brothers
What have our leaders
Led us into
What have we chosen
Fast asleep in racist baths
That keep people powerless
Polluted and poor
Scrubbed clean of their gods
Oh my goddess goodness
Where are we now
I'd bang down your billboards
Suck nourish from this rusty
I'd send those streams
To wash it clean
Make everything wet
And lusty
I want the loggers
To be cast away
I want to let
The mantises pray
I want the loggers
To be cast away
I just wanna play
Don't sell me your junkyard
Don't package my death
I need the earth for my feet
And the wind for my breath

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