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Billy Bragg - Airline to heaven lyrics

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Airline to heaven by Billy Bragg

There's an airline plane
Flies to Heaven every day
Past them pearly gates
If you want to ride this train
Have your ticket in your hand
Before it is too late
If the world looks wrong
And your money's spent and gone
And your friend has turned away
You can get away to Heaven
On this aeroplane
Just bow your head and pray.
Them's got ears let them hear
Them's got eyes let them see
Turn your eyes to the Lord of the skies
Take that airline plane
It will take you home again.
Yes, take you home again.
Yes, to your home beyond the skies.
Well, a lot of people guess
Some say no and some say yes
Will it take some and leave some behind?
But you will surely know
When to the airport go
To leave this world behind
Oh, a lot of speakers speak
And a lot of preachers preach
When you lay their salary on the line
But to bow your head and pray
Is the only earthly way
That you can fly to Heaven on time.
That you can reach Heaven on time.
Your ticket you obtain
On this heavenly airline plane
You leave your sins behind
You have got to take this flight
Might be daytime, might be night,
But you can't see your way if you're blind
WORDS: Woody Guthrie (1939) -
MUSIC: Jay Bennett/Jeff Tweedy (1997)
JAY BENNETT: 12-string acoustic slide guitars, backing vocal, shakers, saw, claps
JOHN STIRRATT: backing vocal, claps
JEFF TWEEDY: vocal, acoustic guitar, Mellotrons, claps

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