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Music Video

Skinny Lyrics

by Billie Eilish


Song Facts:

  • Genre: Pop
  • Producer: FINNEAS
  • Release Date: May 17, 2024

Artist Info:

Billie Eilish is a sensational pop artist with a unique taste and emotive musicality that leaves many of her audiences in awe. From writing and releasing her debut single, "Ocean Eyes," to winning Grammy Awards, her songs have deep and sometimes dark words. She mostly works with her brother, Finneas, from whom she gets most of the beats. She touches on mental health issues, love, and relationship themes in most of her music, talking of personal struggles. Billie has grown up in a time of body shaming and being trolled on the internet, yet she remains very humble and open while expressing herself.

Annotations and Meaning:

The song starts with the singer questioning her being in love for the first time but with a friend. This relationship made her feel good, but on the other hand, it made her feel different; she notes that 21 feels like a long time. People think she is happy just because she got skinny, but she insists that her real self hasn't changed. She likes who she is.
"People say I'm happy
Just because I got skinny
Yet the old me walks somewhere inside and surely is the true me
And I believe that she is beautiful as well."
In the chorus, she comes out to say she doesn't mind crying, and anyone close to her knows the reason why. So, she is able to reflect that despite her outward appearance, she still has inner conflicts. Going on about the fame one can get trapped in, the second verse explains how she was mature enough to think about relevance. She would consider herself a bird in a cage or a dog in a dog pound when she's done performing. Demands internet holds for such cruel humor could also stress a person out.
"'Cause when I step off the stage, I'm a bird in a cage
I'm a dog in a dog pound"
In the bridge, the singer wails, an expression of irritation and hurt. She begs that she was kind to people and loved deeply, but has become highly irritated with constant faultfinding.

Song Topics:

The song reveals the theme of self-acceptance alongside the pressure of fame. The artist expresses how people always complain about her flaws, and her weight. The song mainly addresses how it is not everything to be thrilled about being thin. Loneliness and scrutiny from the public are other factors the song touches on to indicate that one has to put up with them after attaining fame. Besides the fact that everybody thinks her life is perfect and that everything is wonderful like it is in heaven, she opens up her life to them because inside, she is facing a chrysalis of self-image problems and emotional hurting. To sum it up, that is a pretty sincere journey showing the difference between the appearance that is outside and the reality that is inside, reminding that happiness comes from inside.

Skinny Song Lyrics

Skinny by Billie Eilish

[Verse 1]
Fell in love for the first time
With a friend, it's a good sign
Feelin' off when I feel fine
Twenty-one took a lifetime
People say I look happy
Just because I got skinny
But the old me is still me and maybe the real me
And I think she's pretty

And I still cry
And you know why

[Verse 2]
Am I acting my age now?
Am I already on the way out?
When I step off the stage, I'm a bird in a cage
I'm a dog in a dog pound
And you said I was your secret
And you didn't get to keep it
And the internet is hungry for the meanest kinda funny
And somebody's gotta feed it

Oh, do you still cry?
Still cry

I, I nеver did you wrong (Never did you wrong)
And my (Oh), my patiеnce is gone (Is gone)
And I (I), I never did you wrong (You)
I, I loved you for so long (Hmm)

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