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Big Boi - All N My Grill lyrics

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All N My Grill by Big Boi

Uh hit me!
Don't explain, you never change,
Same old thang, same old game,
Say you want to be with me,
Well show me my ring,
Baby let me think
I been in the cold,
Story untold, I'm about to unfold
How do you expect me to ever believe
You want to be with me
Hook 1:
Why you all in my grill, You be all in my grill,
Can you pay my bills, Let me know if you will,
Cause a chick gotta live.
Talk is talk, Talk is cheap,
Tell it to her, don't say it to me,
Cause I know I'm in control, see tricks are for kids and boo I'm too old, Go ahead with your
Don't ever come back to me again,
Where you go remember me,
I'm the best thang in history.
(Hook 1)
Hook 2:
Third time, (third time)I moved you in,
Took you back in my life, I was a fool,
I don't know what's wrong with me,
Third time(third time)I moved you in,
Took you back in my life
(Hook 1 repeats 2x)
Hook 3 repeats 2x:
If you want me, Wheres my dough,
Give me money, Buy me clothes,
No need for talking, Have my dough, wheres my money, wheres my clothes.
[Rap by Big Boi]
Why you all in my grill, I'm thinkin it's time to chill
But you wanna drill tho,
Couldnt even step out the baby blue Bonneville,
Cuz you be trying to kill my ho,
My girlfriend and people around
Me is telling that you's a stalker,
Like Darth Vader chasing Skywalker,
I told ya I was a street talker,
It aint my fault you aint gettin your Victorias Secret
And your Fredricks, you went to the mall about a story,
Instead I took you to Cedricks,
To entertain you to give you to the gee and never claim you,
Me and missy we straight p**sin OH!
Yea and we puffin on one of them thangs too,
You namin who? you blamin who?
I know you aint bringing that lame crew,
Big Boi, daddy of them phat sacks,
Chief pretty boi of the same boot,
I'm backed by the Dungeon Family,
So you go ahead with all that stabbin me,
Cuz I will jab thee, and slam thee,
And Bobby Boochet your ass gee, YEA

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