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Bg Knocc Out & Dresta - Compton Swingin' lyrics

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Compton Swingin' by Bg Knocc Out & Dresta

Hey hey hey (Comptoooooooon Compton swingin)
All day every day I gotta pray
All day every day I gotta pray
Hey hey hey (Comptoooooooon Compton swingin)
All day every day I gotta pray
All day every day I gotta pray
Yeah, you know in 94
Me and my bro
Hit your ass with a blast
Now we gotta hear this trash
From this busta named Daz (but Daz)
Ain't Nothin but a mark who be buggin out
Stop the monkey sh*t
Put my fist in your monkey mouth
So everybody swing with me
D-R-E, O-B-G from the C-P-T
It's on again so tell a friend
We got it poppin
Me and BG Knocc Out swingin back to Compton
[BG Knocc Out]
Yes, well i'm back on the block where the BG's chill
Where niggas like to get ill
But marks get killed
Feel the strength of a loc
As I go for broke
Step right up and get smoked
Cos I ain't no joke
Wack MC's I knock them out the box
You can go kick ass
Or either get your ass kicked
Steady packin my chrome
And i'm known, for hoo bangin
BG Knocc Out, I got clout
And i'm Compton swingin
[BG Knocc Out]
Givin up love to the hood
The city where i'm from
So when you come to Compton
You better bring a big gun
Or run and hide from the 165
Niggas thats straight do or die
Taggin out my set
As I mob through your town
Crossing out the Dogg Pound
Cos i'mma haul ground
So don't trip
You might get your f**kin lip split
Cos niggas from Compton don't play that sh*t
Still up on top
And you know it don't stop
All busta's bow down
Or prepare to get dropped
By that nigga named Knocc
As I rock your block
And I bet you never seen the BG callin shots
Down for my turf
Put in work in my days
Now i'm in the house, without a doubt
Tryin to get paid
Laid back and relax
With tracks to keep you bumpin
Original baby gangsta
And i'm swingin back to Compton
It ain't nuthin but the Compton G
Nutty nigga Dresta
Givin girls the vapours
Take ya
Second to relax your brain
I'm still the same
You know my name
I don't get caught up in fame
I do my thang
And hang with my homies non stop
Much props, to Compton and Watts, yeah
Sure shot, a body rock
Mix Master Spade, used to rock my block
But now its history
Another mystery, of a legend
And I been checkin mics since 87
Steady on these stripes
On the streets with my speech
And keeps me a new chick to freak every week
So girls you can page me
With a freakin outburst
Or you can leave a message with my niggas up at outburst
Though i'll hit you back with a voice mail or somethin
And tell you meet me in the hood
I'm swingin back to Compton
[Chorus till fade]

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