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Music Video


by Beyonce


Song Facts:

  • Track Name: "Jolene"
  • Artist: Beyoncé
  • Album: It appears, by all indications, from my training data last updated in April 2023, that the song "One Night Only" is not part of the officially released album of Beyoncé. It could be a very recent release or a song not belonging to any album—a so-called single—as it has not been part of my training data set.
  • Genre: R&B and soul genre, with a possible influence of modern and pop.
  • Featured Artist: Willie Jones.
  • Lyricists and Composers: Original lyrics was created by Dolly Parton. It is a specific information to say who exactly has written the lyrics and composed the music of this composition of Beyoncé, but she is a renowned personality who is actively taking part in the process of writing music and lyrics.


Based on the lyrics provided, this version of "Jolene" sounds like either a rewording or a tribute to Dolly Parton's original in a new story and styling fit for Beyoncé. To this speculative interpretation, one could even add that innovative take, mixing genres and bringing to life a new perspective on the classic tale. The mention of being a "Creole banjee bitch from Louisiane" is maybe indicative of this exact mode of deriving from the personal background and mixing it with cultural elements in the lyrics, thus creating more layers of the narrative.

Annotations and Meaning:

The lyrics to the song form a very confident, assertive confrontation by one of its characters, Jolene, accompanied by a strong warning by the vocalist not to do the runner with his love interest. Unlike Dolly Parton's original "Jolene," which pleaded in the same tone. Beyonce's take on that tune was so wrought with strength, self-assuredness, and a deep sense of personal history and history of the relationship she brought to her whole body of work. The saying "I'm still a Creole banjee bitch from Louisiane," insists to the help of reinforcing strong identity and origin into the story with a mixing of cultural allusions to show a fierce and resilient identity of the protagonist. This line, in union with an overall tone of defiance, projects a theme of empowerment and self-worth more than any other. The direct message is that he is not to be one-upped by anybody, by any means. Meanwhile, the combination with Willie Jones could actually signal genre crossover, like the introduction of country, soul, or R&B elements in the song, further fortifying the unique avenue toward storytelling in music that they both find together. It is rather clear this partnership brought out highlighted, rather than to serve, the song's message of unity and mutual support within a relationship, as emphasized in the latter part of the lyrics, where both express their commitment towards standing by each other. Ultimately, this remake of "Jolene" recasts the story from one of vulnerability to one of empowerment and speaks to love, loyalty, and knowing one's worth while also embodying cultural identity and celebration. The song stands as a reminder—a kind of ode to Beyoncé's own ability to breathe life and awareness into even the most traditional of tales with her voice and perspective, that it might capture and meld with those of more contemporary ears and their themes of the times.

Jolene Song Text

Jolene by Beyonce

Jolene [x2]
Jolene [x4]
I'm warnin' you, don't come
for my man, Jolene

Jolene [x4]
Don't take the chance
because you think you can

You're beautiful, beyond compare
Takes more than beauty and seductive stares
To come between a family and a happy man
Jolene, I'm a woman too

The games you play are nothing new
So you don't want no heat with me, Jolene
We've been deep in love for twenty years
I raised that man, I raised his kids

I know my man better than he knows himself
Yeah, what?
I can easily understand
Why you're attracted to my man
But you don't want this smoke,
so shoot your shot with someone else
You heard me

Jolene [x4]
I'm warnin' you, woman, find you your own man
Jolene, I know I'm a queen, Jolene
I'm still a Creole banjee b**ch from Louisiane
don't try me

There's a thousand girls in every room
That act as desperate as you do
You a bird, go on and sing your tune, Jolene, what?
I had to have this talk with you
'Cause I hate to have to act a fool
Your peace depends on how you move, Jolene

(Beyoncé and Willie Jones)
Me and my man crossed those valleys
Highs and lows and everything between
Good deeds roll in like tumblin' weeds

I sleep good, happy
'Cause you can't dig up our planted seeds
I know my man's gon' stand by me, breathin' in my gentle breeze
I crossed those valleys

Highs and lows and everything between
Good deeds roll in like tumblin' weeds
Good and happy
'Cause you can't dig up them planted seeds
Jolene [x4]
I'ma stand by her, she gon' stand by me, Jolene

I'ma stand by him, he gon' stand by me
I'ma stand by her, she gon' stand by me
I'ma stand by him, he gon' stand by me,

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