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Bel O Kan - Ten Thousand Milliard lyrics

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Ten Thousand Milliard by Bel O Kan

I'm alone in the deep black space
I touch pieces of light around me
I don't know why I feel fine in this cosmic way
Follow me through the nebulous
In my silver machine
I realize my dream
And I follow my destiny
In ten thousand milliard
I brush against the stars
Throughout all the galaxy
I cross comets, I see quasar, it's fabulous
My garden is really endless
And now the time is not my enemy, I am free
Welcome to my constellation
Welcome to my constellation
Andromeda Coma Berenices
Cassiopeia Delphinus Hercules
Aquarius Corona Australis
Cetus Cygnus Virgo Aries Phoenix
Chameleon Lynx Hydra Serpens
Pisces Orion Aurica Sextans
Ursa Major Taurus Lupus Leo
Fornax Pictor Aquila Draco
Capricornus Pegasus Centaurus
Ara Apus Ophiocus Perseus
Vela Mensa Sagitta Antlia
Lepus Libra Monoceros Musca

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