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The Tower Of The Elephant Lyrics

by Battleroar


The Tower Of The Elephant Song Lyrics

The Tower Of The Elephant by Battleroar

When darkness falls on the city of the thieves
And starlight kisses the golden domes
He walks the streets of Arenjun
Through the shadows of the Maul
Beyond the temples of richness filled
Behind the walls, upon a hill
A silver tower arose in just one night
To guard the secret of the Jewel
This is the story of a necromancer in days of old
Master of black arts, ruling with magic powers

He was taught the knowledge of past ages
By an ancient god he holds captive in chains
Blinded, wingless and tortured the slave is awaiting
The coming of a man, the final spell
Time has come!
The final spell of blood and stone!

Entering the garden
Hair black as the night
Eyes of blue steel
Heathen from northern lands
A meeting with a stranger
They call the king of thieves
Beware of the prowlers
That strike in deep silence

As the city dreams they climb the walls
Reaching the tower's rim
Shining of a thousand jewels blind
The sight of the thieves so bold

Out of the chamber, Taurus falls dead
Stricken by powers unknown
Slaying the spider, Conan the brave
He makes his way through the wizard's stronghold

Inside a darkened room he lies
Descended from outer space
Body of man, the eyes of an elephant cry
The sword of the young barbarian strikes his heart
To unleash the final enchantment

Time has come!
The spell of the blood and the stone

The young man flees as the silver tower crumbles
Gone is the reign of the necromancer
As he turns his head and gazes at the sky
Was it all real or just a strange dream

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