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Mourning Sword Lyrics

by Battleroar


Mourning Sword Song Lyrics

Mourning Sword by Battleroar

Forged into a world, of endless war,
Baptised in the cold blood of thousand men and gods

Runes over it's blade, showing the way
Of how this doomed world will reach it's final day

Slave to his fate, Elric the great
Will carry this sword and a steel chain of hate
Mighty duke of Chaos, Arioch, lord of hell
When the moon brings tides of war I call thee
Dragonisle will collapse, bane of the dark sword,
Scythes of doom will strike tonight,
The curtain descends

Sailors of fate, dragons will chase
Ships crushed in flames
End of an age, Gods scream in pain
Cry of the mourning blade

I am the sword called Stormbringer
With horror in their eyes, they called me souldrinker
Made to kill everything in my way
Even some Gods have felt my blade

I can see the agony in your eyes
As my powers begin to rise
Your soul farewell body and mind
And it becomes totally mine

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