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Freight Train

by Barry Michael


Freight Train Song Lyrics

Freight Train by Barry Michael

I hear the sound of a freight train rollin through my dreams
It's full of yesterday's baggage and chasing after me
No matter where I turn I can smell that engine burn

I keep a runnin from that freight train trying to escape my past
But the smoke clouds up my future and the freedom doesn't last
Somebody tell me how I can turn this thing around

Cause there's a chain around my neck and the weight of this worlds on my back
Memories and regrets that set my mind off track
So many things I need to unload to give myself some peace
Cause I know if I don't that train's gonna roll all over me

I've been stuck at this station in Atlanta praying that the phone will ring
Staring at the stranger in the mirror. I miss the man he used to be
I can't even count the mistakes that brought me to this place

I've got to get my feet back on the ground
I can't let my burdens drag me down

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