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Barbie - Therapist Dialogue #1 lyrics

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Therapist Dialogue #1 by Barbie

Barbra[speaking] I don’t know, I don’t know...relationships, I can’tBelieve what’s happening these days doctor...DoctorVat can’t you believe? BarbraThey’re so difficult to have, I mean, ever since the sexual revolution men and women don’t know how to act with each other.DoctorWell listenBarbraI mean when a woman goes out with a man for the first time, does she automatically assume that he’ll pick up the check. what if she make more money than he does? does she offer to pay or is thatAt to his masculinity? and if she does pay, will he expect her to put the moves on him after dinner? I mean, there’s so much to think about nowadays...DoctorJa, go on!BarbraWhen I was a kid growing up, you know, it used to be soSimple...DoctorVhy don’t you just let your mind vander? BarbraVander? DoctorVander!BarbraOh, wander...alright!I remember, when I was in high school, I had this blind date, and I remember, sitting on a stoop waiting for him. I was wearing this long wool skirt and brown and white saddle shoes, I rememberWere so hard to clean ’cause the white polish always got on the brown part...but all I had to worry about was...

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