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Barbie - Be My Guest lyrics

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Be My Guest by Barbie

With judy garland and ethel mermanWritten by mel tormeVoice:>from television city in hollywood, the judy garland show!Judy(speaking)Good evening! we got a very exciting show planned for you tonight, i, we’veMarvellous people...(singing)We’ve got barbra streisandI think she’s nice andShe has such voice andShe got such eleganceIt’s a joy to have her on my show!(applause)BarbraJudy! it’s great to be with you.JudyBe my guest, be my guestBarbraYou know, I’ve been a fan of yours since I was two.JudyBe my guest, be my guestBarbraWell if I really am your guestI have a small requestJudyAnything you wanna doBarbraAnything? JudyAnything!BarbraCan I replace you? JudyBe my guest, be my guest(applause because ethel merman is entering the studio)EthelHi, what a team! watch the team!JudyI’m just so surprised to see ... you look marvellousEthelI feel pretty good. I was uhm...JudyYou know me fellasEthelYeah, how about that, i, I was across the, I am across the hall here I wasTaping a red scelton show and ... gee...JudyWhat did you do belting? EthelI was belting? I heard you two belting! I heard the noise and that’s why iCame in here. I just came in to say hello, that’s all.JudyAnd how about this barbra? what about ...EthelYeah, isn’t it great, the new belter!Yeah, what’s the next thing now after this... the next big thing? that you...BarbraIt’s called funny girl it’s about fanny brice you know,EthelWonderfull! have a good...BarbraBased on her romance with nicky arnstein.EthelYou have a good composer? BarbraJule styneEthelOh, jule styne, he wrote, he wrote gipsy, oh my goodness she couldn’tHave... oh, you’re in good hands girl!

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