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Badi - Say What (Interlude) lyrics

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Say What (Interlude) by Badi

What's the time, it's time for youth to rise
Ultilize the tools but first lose their cools
Time to remove the facades that we have on
Cause I can't see the god in you through them
Created noble, you say what
I say hey that's just the way he made us
Mankind the chosen ones, with the tests
That he gave us the power to overcome
Granted minds to know and ears to hear
Eyes to see clear when the blessings appear
So I'm never giving into fear, cause I know
God's plan is such nothing can ever interfere
Got that hustle you can't see, made to plant seeds
See the troops coming in stampedes
No need for plan b cause our plan divine
Made to stand the test of the hands of time

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