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Prove It Wrong Lyrics

by Backjumper


Prove It Wrong Song Lyrics

Prove It Wrong by Backjumper

When we own a way, we can choose to be free,
And we got chances to be mean
In this game of failure the end is always near
Every thought you try to make, don't last a goddamn day

If you fake yourself, just being right
You already know that you can prove it wrong
Cause we are not static know that
We alter, shift and change
Adapt on daily basis
That makes us human

A mash of contradictions
It's our nature to tender slow
As you sift away

You can make sentence full of matter
And regret the minute after
Keep safe the border staring at your doors
Behind our barricades, defenses are getting weak

As we can't stand try to let go
Follow leftovers
Will we ever fill this hole?
Filled of panic?
Let me take back my mind

All we know is falling
Aggravate on false hopes
The strength of complex

Behold these conversations
No matter what you say or do
Keep your mind busy
Cause thinking will haunt you
And it will not go away

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