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Jack Bumper Lyrics

by Backjumper


Jack Bumper Song Lyrics

Jack Bumper by Backjumper

I know the shit-talking spread about me
But that's how it goes, come closer
Your fake ass attitude bullshit
You used to prove what your not and you cannot own
You don't know shit
You'd better stay with the face on the ground
We're true and you'll never be quiet like us
Shame on you fool, chit chat only behind our backs

Goddamn you, these stories lacks of truth

Loyalty between words and facts
I take it proud in my heart, no regret
You know you cannot be, you know you force to be
But you will never know what is like to be me

I cannot stand
Reject you, and all these habits
You cannot stand any sacrifice
And you got always the games pretty done

I spit venom and you ain't got the cure
Want to be hardcore till it don't fit it anymore
Swallow your pride and try another role and decide to be real for once

There's something you can't teach
Or impose yourself
You have it in your heart
Some call it a problem
But I call it a gift
Don't pretend to be what you're not
Cause you'll be forgotten and alone
When the next man comes

You can't take this from me
You'll drown in the lies you own, sinking
You'll drown in your own lies, sinking

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