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Baby Vox - Expectation lyrics

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Expectation by Baby Vox

I dont expect anything from you right now
Im just happy just seeing you
If you still dont have the heart to love me,
Im going to wait until your heart opens up
You just have to treat me like you are right now
You just have to meet me comfortably like a friend
Im not impatiently wanting your heart
I want to slowly have all your everything
Its ok if you chose me after meeting many other people
Because then you'll know my true love for you
Repeat [*]
Whenever we meet, I always call first and ask to meet first
And you come out like theres nothing going on but i feel this..
That if I dont call you for a long time,
You're going to miss me as well
You'll get to wait for me without knowing it
Because you've gotton used to the love you're receiving
Day by day, as they pass by, in your heart
The grievance for me will grow bigger
Repeat [**]

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