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B2K - Girlfriend (remix) feat. fabolous lyrics

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Girlfriend (remix) feat. fabolous by B2K

I got everything I want in my life except a girlfriend
Single Ladies put your applicatinos in Remix yeah,
Ma you'll probly see many cats before me but i'm doing better
in any catagory Girlfriend.Theres plenty that ador me.Cause I anit
the type to make millions and try to throw pennies at a shorti.
For any child thats before me me.And i'm looking for Ashanti Moore.Just
a Kenny that or more be.I Dont be where any rats or hores be.
And mami you can check on any satus or score sheet.
Just copped a Bentley and it’s parked in my garage
At 2:00 appointment for my massage
And everywhere we go they know just who we are
There they go, it’s them ghetto superstars
The latest throwback and them ones on my feet
Get out the Benz and then I’m off up in the jeep
Take'n flicks with chicks that look like Alicia
All of that I’m still missin’ one thing (Whoa)
A girlfriend (Hey), girlfriend (Everything I wanted)
I need a girlfriend (Yeah), girlfriend (And everything
that I)
Girlfriend (Oh), girlfriend (Would you be my)
Would you be my girlfriend (Hey), girlfriend
We hit the mall, I buy u ball'n Nike suits
I'm being pampered while I’m chillin’ by the pool
From the show to the limo, to the club
Hand's in the air, showin’ nothin’ but some love
Got plenty clothes, plenty ice, plenty cash
I’m pretty swoll, pretty abs, plenty (Shh...)
I got every single thing that I need
Except for a main squeeze (Whoa)
I need a girlfriend (Oh, oh), girlfriend (Girlfriend)
I need a girlfriend (Oh), girlfriend (I need, I need)
{I need, I need}
Girlfriend (A girlfriend), girlfriend (Would you be
Would you be my girlfriend (Girlfriend), girlfriend
(Yeah, yeah)
Check 1,2
I All know is that evrey King need a Queen.
And Someone roolin wit money flea the sence.
Since i'm struting wit the money hit the mall.
And someone riding she get the call.I told Ya'll
I'd trade what ever I own cause I had someone girl
but never my own.And when i want a home coked meal how
You think looking through a phonebook feel.Shorti the way my carrots
glit you could barely stare at it.But ti have it and
no one to sare it wit.I need those kisses when i leave hugs when i arive.
Without it in my life girl i'm strugling to surrive.Its the way you call my name and when
it comes to girls i say theri all the same.I guess I was Wrong
cause when i can find somebody who can play this ballas game
you can put Fabolous in the playas hall of fame.
I need a girlfriend, girlfriend (Someone for me)
I need a girlfriend (Yeah...), girlfriend (That is all
I need, yeah)
Girlfriend, girlfriend (In my life)
Would you be my girlfriend (Oh), girlfriend (I need a)
A girlfriend (Woo), girlfriend (Someone to call my
I need a girlfriend (Spend some money on), girlfriend
(And I’m gonna take her out)
A girlfriend (To show her what I’m all about),
girlfriend (Ey, hey, oh, ho...)
Would you be my girlfriend, girlfriend (No, no, no,
A girlfriend
Hey, hey

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