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B2K - Boyz For Life lyrics

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Boyz For Life by B2K

Talk~yo, why yall had ta bring this up man, i mean it aint like i forgot,
but its like i wasent thinkin bout it man, and now that u wanna
talk bout it, u got me all watery in the eyes u know, but uh its all good
i wanna tell ya'll 3 man, i love yall like yall love me, but if yall aint kno
what we talkin bout,Fizz, holla at ya boy
Rap 1
For the first 3 years we was on Co-Fax
No deals no money but everybody had our back
we knew it would happen and that was for a fact
un till then we was washin cars visitin laundry mats
scoungin up change for a mid-nite pizza guy
No ride to Rosco's we made out own sunrise
Gettin sick off Cheetos, skittles and Banecos
Mark yellin cuz we ate his last Taqito
wishin for a bank account wit at least 2 zeros
Playin ball all da, sharin one Gatoraid
No dogs of our own so we walked Bear n Jane
Playin B-B bridges hoppin over gates jus to go swimmin
Yeah we was bad, tryna holla at older wemon *heh*
Man, times was hard you know, we didnt get too much
But we always had eachotha man that was enough
We been through thick n thin but we still here
No matter what goes down we still friends to the end.
Ups n downs yea thas a hard knock life yea its
ride-or-die cuz we boys fa life ,ya heard? *repeat*
Rap 2
Its gettin hard now, what are we to do now
years is passin its time to make moves now
we got our act togetha,faced the bad weather
We told ourselves it was either now or never
So we grabbed our stuff and started shoppin at lables
proformed demos did whatever wit takes
Damn every label slammed the door in our face
But we kept our heads up till we found the right place ya know,
Rap 3
We found our home ,its on, we in tha game now
Chris an Max done make this thang crack now
We worked wit Tommy, Paulie,an D-mack now
Took us a while but we gotta name now
a platnium album wit dough up in tha bank now
No more loungin around we bisness men now
Epic helped us n put us in the right yea Video n Raido thanks
for the great yea Im glad the time that it took was struggle
so that when this time came we'd be greatful and humble
thank God for makin all this happen for us
We thank all our fans for havin Love in us so c'mon
Hook* x3
I know that your watchin *Yea*over me
Thank God that you brought this joy to me
Now B2k has a story
I love yall just like yall love me

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