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B2K - B2k is hot (skit) lyrics

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B2k is hot (skit) by B2K

So I'm sayin' man, what we gon' do man
We all sittin up in here all bored and everything
I'm mean
What's cracking for tonight J-Boog?
I don't know but I tell you this
I ain't stayin' in this house another minute
for real man
Yo I heard the skatin' rink was crackin, Boog
Skatin' rink! Nooooo...
I ain't feeling that
Oh, Fizz what happened to ole girl you was talkin' `bout?
(Two-way pager starts to ringing "B2K is Hot" song)
~Lil' Fizz~
Oh this her right here
She say it's a party tonight her crib
Fo' sho'
Oh Boy!
~Lil' Fizz~
So I'm sayin'
Call Rome to come scoop us up
No doubt

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