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Aztec Jade - Stained lyrics

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Stained by Aztec Jade

All the secrets we keep
Are in our mind
And constant therapy
Helps us to find
Every single meaning that we perceive
Clouds the undeniable truth in make believe
Do you feel a little tramatized
Are you feeling sad
It's time we start breaking down
The walls we had
As we struggle going no where
Lost direction no redemption
Toy thrown away used and cast aside
Stained Smeaing our souls with the sins that we hide
Every night the six o' clock news invades our lives
And watching the television blinds our eyes
Everyone's hopes and dreams betray them now
All innocence washed away gone somehow
Can you see the violence it's all around
Society's decadence brings us down
Oh I see the chage ahead
No more will pure hearts be mislead
Replace the faces who lead
Consumed by stains of their deeds

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