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Ain't No Way Lyrics

by Azad Right


Ain't No Way Song Lyrics

Ain't No Way by Azad Right

I said I guess I know
Aint no way,
I never thought you!
Aint no way!
Oh, oh, oh
Aint no way!

She told me, better go back in the booth
And get back to the roof, so thats when you gonna find the truth
So this project is for you and all my brothers that I grew up with.
You watched me ride for years, tell 'em I ain't blow up quick
Just in case they think it happened over night.
Tell them about the countless hours that I spent in open mics.
Trying to get my sh*t on point, drop it in my soul
Things only started clicking, once I got my focus right
But Im in now, and all it took was confidence.
Always been the type of kid to shun on my accomplishments
Im a poet, but I dont just play with words,
Im an educated scholar and Im trying to change the world.
World, got my life the way the sh*t sound
I rise to the occasion while these other rappers sit down
Stand up, goddess, f**king haters shut their lips now
For real! There aint no f**king way youre saying sh*t now
There aint no f**king way you can question my grind.
Look at all the things that I do with no money
There aint no f**king way you can question my raps
Cause there aint another rapper thats... hungry
I still remember driving up and down the Coast,
Me and O, on our first tour, rocking all these shows.
In Long Beach, there was a f**king with the kid
First time Im being eco, but there was nothing to the kid.
Hit the exist and changed up my satellites
Doing soft records that I swear it will show now thats a death wish
Then we ended up showing up down San Diego
Send a barber and a .. love, I got, its so insane!
Hey, Im thankful that I have these opportunities
I love performing music that its true to me!
Just to find out so many relate, sh*t is great, quit the hate
Cause there really aint no way Im gonna change you, f**king lames,

My introduction!
Somebody here is for the whole thing
You got dreams, follow that sh*t
Real sh*t! Listen to me now!
Hey, 2012, were here!

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