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The Love

by Ayatollah


The Love Song Lyrics

The Love by Ayatollah

Oh, you a gentle girl, you the one?
She the one!

Skin glowin', thousand dolla heels on the tevi
Peace in the kitchen, like baby, your meal is ready
Trindle like the scene, like a dream, Frank Lasigne
Women eyes wide sittin' cross the table like my queen
I know where your heart is, i ain't gotta bother
Wid the games and the questions, explainin' and expresin'
You ain't gotta worry cause you safe and protected
I ain't even got a claim on possession
I must admit, you got a hold on a nigga
Not to confuse it with control on a nigga
The back rubs, dozen rose petals in the bathtub
Hitting on positions, yeah, I like it like that
Super soaked in with the stroker
As he explodes, supernova
Only thing closer is the toaster
So, miss Rollin' wanna be my motivation
Call it ova standards, this love so ova rated

Love is love, love
Love is love, love

You know you (???), right?
We can scape right now, more than the half pipes
That's the type of sense of humor that we both get
You sayn get a room and dry hump her by the coal check
Oh, yes, we at each other's neck, but we ain't beefin'
Gettin' indecent, pleasing it until we is compleasent
Heavy breathin', taking a slower beastin'
Fiestin', beefin', suga walls that seen the east
You my peace in this chaotic land
The sea is on a (???), but see us seeing the sun in gram
No side sh*ts, you know where I stand
I got sun vision that f**k a space ship, I want my woman now
Ah, you ain't a damsel in distress
You ain't gotta be saved, it's time to save my strength
The sin's tense and it's genuine
You lookin' to my soul and I return the sentiment

Love is love, love
Love is love, love

Love, loopin' the dust, brings in the cups
Soothin' me up, and moving my flue since (???)
You beautiful, plus, you stand out, Cupid has struck
I stand down with that extension when you showin' up
The looks I'm shooting you of? You dope! Proofing is such
Plus you driven and you come through in a clutch
Nice, and I could name adjectives for days, but I'd rather
We engaged in animalistic ways
Than rambling on, carrying on
Live and we praise the path that we on
Feel like I'm saved, the power of God in me
The power of God in you, the power you strong,
Flower, you far from artificial gorillaz they come
Feeling you, hun
Understatement, two necklaces, f**k it
Wake up today with something to say for love in the way that
We lovin', nothing to say that could really explain
This somethin' amazing enough?

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