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Axenstar - Perpetual Twilight lyrics

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Perpetual Twilight by Axenstar

[M & L: Thomas Eriksson]
Just as I predicted it would go
We will never see the light again
Is this what all belived in?
Our future has lost it's meaning
And will be put to sleep
Now it all seems so clear
We shouldn't have let our dreams disappear
And the end is so near
Perpetual twilight is here
Now the day we all feared is here
The time has come to she'd your final tears
The sun once so brightly shining
Has lost it's glow - ever dying
Like the rest of mankind
The sky is soon burning and we stand awaiting our fate
No one to save us, our heavenly father awaits
Death from above, reign of terror has come upon you
We are the ones, damned for all time, see what's become of our lives
So now we write the final epitaph
Close your eyes and slip away in time
The strength of our nuclear powers
Destroyed us from now and ever
Now we will find our peace

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