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Anatomy Of A Broken Heart Lyrics

by Away From Here


Anatomy Of A Broken Heart Song Lyrics

Anatomy Of A Broken Heart by Away From Here

Perfectly failing, Sleep is overrated
And as words march across an empty screen
I scream, I'm scared, that it is gone, tonight
Never say those words
We shared, I'm scared, that it's gone, tonight
Leave me hanging, three words to save the day
I'll cling to those words
If you ever utter them again
Over and over maegan
Winters set in, and your chilled to the bones
Anti freeze to thaw out your heart
or July, these skies are, like my open eyes
With no disguise
Perfectly failing, to sleep is overrated (morning after the worlds collide)
And as words march across an empty screen
I scream

The morning after...the worlds collide
Will you be standing on the brink?
The brink of starvation of an empty heart
Cluttered with the remains of a useless boy
You wont wake up from this again (from this again)
Until the sun rears its head (you always said "depression falls with the snow")
And when you said that you loved me (this is what you wanted)
Did it ever occur that was a blatant lie (lies are color blind, there is no white)

So the pens run out, all that's left white markers
Broken lead, torn paper maybe this knife is sharper
Indtroduce a new way
A new way to suffer
Please welcome now
Hi, my names your worst nightmare
First stept to recover is to make sure its over
Words like rope around my neck
Ensure this end is somber (GOODBYE!)
Second step is distance well that's already covered
And the last step is best
Kill this pain with another drink for better times
Drink for suicide
Notes in the trash
Drink for what we have past and I know (I know)
(You always said you would not run away, but your gone today)
that's it's gone (that it's gone)
Say goodnight to old times (GOODBYE!)

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