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Awaiting Fear Lyrics

by Awaiting Fear


Awaiting Fear Song Lyrics

Awaiting Fear by Awaiting Fear

Believe in yourself
Believe in your dreams
Trough the silence
None there it seems
Closing your eyes
Slowly you breath
Waiting for sign
For him to reappear

Trembling begins
Your heart beating fast
Sweat on your face
Itch on your back.
Scream from inside
Panic arise
Walls closing in
Crawls on your skin

Awaiting, fear!
Awaiting, fear!
Awaiting... fear!

As the portal opens
And blue light comes throught
You see the image of humanoid shape
And oreol around it
But is it the one you wanted to call
Or is it not you don't know
As it slowly aproaches thowards
All you fell is fear...

Believe in yourself
Trough the silence
Cosing your eyes
Waiting for sign.
Believe trought your dreams
For there he'll reappear
To cover you fears
Trough the night!

Awaiting... fear!

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