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Music Video

The Colosseum Lyrics

by A-Villa


The Colosseum Song Lyrics

The Colosseum by A-Villa

Young niggaz they thought theyd never rule out
A lot of niggaz are blamin us
They got out just to rhyme
And wait to think who will shine
Thought theyre hatinwhen Im macin
We been crawling like a flow
True gladiators
I had porcupines way before I had paper
Tryin to live out wise
So this aint even my style
Its just a simple sh*t
Got a couple Medusa's they keep me rock hard
These niggaz optical illusions, they are not stars
If it aint that GQ, then its not ours
f**k that bullsh*t b**ch,
I'm about war
Hope you about yours
Ready for war?
Thats how you bring it
Yo I spit sick
Get a big sh*t down with a man with big crib
There cant be no colonist shots
Im the villa with the pop up and the dealer
Just listen to a high killer
Choppin bodies and throwin them in the river
Id be head hunting
Putting hundreds on your head
See the blood shed?
It aint blood but I love red
Id be blackin out
Wakin up far away from fans
It aint a thing pretty
Im probably going to hell too
One man against the world
Remember this forever
Ready for war?
Thats how you bring it
Thats how you bring it
Game of thrones singin in North
Thats how my name is known
You aloe in the battle zone
Dont blow and lighten up the room
Ridiculous game
I spend it though
What you gonna show?
Youre still behind your man
Call me the general
Its blood on my clothes
Mud on my knees
Im nothing nice
I shake them like a couple of dice
You wanna ride with a nigga?
You better buckle up tight

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