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Music Video

Live From The Villa Lyrics

by A-Villa


Live From The Villa Song Lyrics

Live From The Villa by A-Villa

f**k ,f**k, f**k
Black beam and death alley
Couple of nigga dirt mixed with some hays
Back to basic
Imma trace it on my other days
And Im getting in the jersey
But she may play over the Lords shoulders
Playin casquettes, basckets
From the flash and the blood
Playin ass
The b**ch is smashin in the bathroom
Bend it over like its Smacks boom
And a pack of joints
f**k you pussy
You deserve
Cant control your blood
And you keep the matches moist
And this motherf**kin got his voice affected
The whitest on the scale
Dice fell
911 like Seinfeld
The climate in the white cell
Is told like a large tale
See the story
And love it whenever you get stormy
And trust the 740
And tell me , sniff 20s
My b**ch is pure country
Her ass is like a donkey
I calmly tap a dime like Fonzie
Fly sweater Bill Cosby, vials of wobbly
Chronic diamonds in her I.V.
You Simple Simon rhymin',
My sh*t is Tai Chi
Die a G, supply the fire weed, dispensary
My pitch is to get real upon entry
This can't be life, it's real, pinch me
No man can go against me,
I squeeze the M16 intensely
Michael Myers is with the NASCAR
See I got to rap the mascot
Cause we made a sip of scotch
Look what I became
You feel all the defenselessness
You saw a niggas 12 shelves on the ground in a chamber
Black baby Jesus and the major
Strangle niggaz from the every body
Cut to my wrist
Diamond is suicidal
Im like my women , librarian, veterinarian
Symbolic topics singin like the Dell findings
Scheme like a gipsy
Whisk away hoes
You can miss me with that f**k sh*t
f**k boy

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