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by August


Maybe Song Lyrics

Maybe by August

[Verse 1:]
Maybe if the sun was always bright
Maybe if every chance we made was right
Maybe if the world would stop so we could have more time
Maybe if the flowers always stayed
And if the colours would never fade
Maybe if the stars would always shine
You'd still be mine

Cos for us to be together
And for us to be forever
And for our two hearts to even start recovery
It would have to be
Cos we tried our hand at love
But see love just ain't enough
For you and me the world would have to be a perfect perfect perfect perfect world
Obviously flawless
It'd have to be a perfect world
It'd have to be a perfect world

[Verse 2:]
See maybe if I never had to be away
It's not like the movies... if it was I'd stay
Maybe if it didn't hurt so bad to see your face
Maybe if the clouds were never dark
It feels like we were destined to fall apart
And maybe if the road was no so long
We'd be much further


[Verse 3:]
We almost made it all the way we did
I really thought that you'd be the one I'd end up with
And you know...



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