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Cosmic Kev Freestyle Lyrics

by Audio Push


Cosmic Kev Freestyle Song Lyrics

Cosmic Kev Freestyle by Audio Push

I don't even know what I'm bout to say
All day here, night, all day
Whatever I wanna do, go away!
Ah, yes, b**ch, go away!
I-Tank, here I go, do what I want

Yeah, I'm here, lil' nigga from the slum
Yeah, you from the back and I from the front
I'm the realest nigga out here
What I want to do is take ova the world
With my niggas, let them know that we the realest
That's all I wanna do
You gotta feel me, nigga, you gotta feel this
I'm not here cosmic kev, I'm bout to do this for real
I-Tank, nigga, you know the deal
Really bout to do it, getting the mills
Meaning the food and M's meaning mills
Niggas know exactely what I wanna do
And I come and do it, I do it real well
Niggas know exactly how I'mma say it
And niggas know it, I'm here for real.

I don't talk that sh*t
Cause I walk that sh*t

I don't ace at first cause I show
Y'all motherf**kers how that ace sh*t work
I show you motherf**kers how that tray clap
Put you niggas in the pen, that dirt, I be
In the grill, nigga, from the toe
All I talk is what I know
So while I talk is that dough?
Cause I be getting that sh*t since I was 4
My daddy gave me a dub when I was like 4
And he told me trust me! If you don't do
What I'm gon' do, then this sh*t might get ugly
When you get older, get that fine and look
Ova ya shoulda, keep it loud, I been with hot
Teens since the twelve grade, and since then,
Nigga, I been getting it fly, nigga, how to get
High, I had to gass it, nigga, this sh*t classic
Niggas ain't sh*t y'all ball is average

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