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Death's Last Breath Lyrics

by At The Onset


Death's Last Breath Song Lyrics

Death's Last Breath by At The Onset

So many things I want to ask you
Who are you
When are you coming
When's the day your darkness will finally bring me down
And if you have no form why can I feel you over my shoulder
You're coming closer
Silence nears
Silence nears

I'm not afraid of the day
When I will see you face to face
You've lost and all your power's stripped away
You can steal my last breath
But you'll never take my heart
None of us can escape
We're all tied to this fate
The days are numbered
The nights are fleeting
But I won't be afraid
I'm not afraid

I can still see you tremble
Cause I said His name a minute ago
I can still see you shake
So here's the one thing that I wanna know
Where is your victory
Where is your sting
Was the power of your darkness stolen by my King
Authority relinquished
He holds the keys
Where is your sting
Where's your victory

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