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Angelicas Song

by At The Onset


Angelicas Song Song Lyrics

Angelicas Song by At The Onset

It seems so wrong that you could be gone
As everything in me tries to hold on
To someone I thought would always be there
Can't wrap my mind around it when it's so unfair
All the chances I had are the ones that I missed
To tell you how beautiful your smile is
When you left so did our dreams
But you sing to us now through our memories

You say 'think of me when the stars shine'
We can still see the gleam in your eyes
And all of the beautiful things in life
Remind us there's one place where we can find
Hope in the darkest night
The moment you left the season changed
The sun went away and nothing's the same
They say joy will come in the morning light
But from where I stand I'm not alright
And I feel so selfish being able to breathe
Living in a world that never sleeps
But in our hearts we're remembering
Your spirit's alive and you're whispering

I've seen better days than these
Still wishing you were here
Our mouths fill with stories
Of how much you meant to us
So watch over us
It's getting harder to trust
As the world stands by
Waiting for us to crumble
So we'll pray for peace
Until the day we meet
In our Savior's embrace
The only place where hope is greater than sorrow

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