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by Atlas Losing Grip


Parkinsun Song Lyrics

Parkinsun by Atlas Losing Grip

The sun is shining, I'm having a good time with
My friends. Sitting in the grass absorbing life. Empty
Cans and another sixpack for us all to suck on. Oh, how
We welcome another summer night. What could possibly
Go wrong under this blue sky? I'll keep the sad
Thoughts for a cloudy day. I sip on my beer and put
Another mixtape in the stereo. Today my life belongs
To summer and punk. Summer time, I'm able to find all
That I'm searching for. In the sun I'm able to find the life
I'm longing for. I could cry my eyes out for you but in
The sun I laugh the day away. Bonging crap wine from a
Black can, Mr Burn has got a white tan, somewhere Abe
Throws up in the grass, I cut my ass on broken glass.

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