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Farewellfare Lyrics

by Atlas Losing Grip


Farewellfare Song Lyrics

Farewellfare by Atlas Losing Grip

Lack of hope under a burning sun. You have the
Heart of a lion, but can't get through this one. Forever
Is a long time to wait for a change. Locked up money
Making minds will never rearrange. Fuck their wornout
Welfare lies! You clean the roaches from the beds
In their tourist paradise. You clean the roaches from
Their beds but what kills the roaches in their heads?
Exploitation for generations. No moderation, no liberation.
A junkyard for social standards to benefit from.
Where every household tries to feed their kids - slaving
For the white and rich. Exploitation for generations. No
Moderation, no liberation. Exploitation for generations.
Another nation.

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