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The Wall That Divides Lyrics

by Aswad


The Wall That Divides Song Lyrics

The Wall That Divides by Aswad

Well I've walked for miles just hoping that these chains that bind would
But then I realized these chains were walking me
It's not a question of your faith that decides if you're set free
The demons walk amongst us now
They look like you and me
Building like Berlin
Cross the the other side
Right through the wall that divides
Could you make the statement that you're free to a world dividing?
Satan amongst saints
One brick
In this world of hate
And one by one until you're done you stack them up so neatly
Just like the ones who rob us now I see you on the TV nest thing you
Realize the walls you built now trap you in
You scream and bawl no one to call
At the mercy of your wall
You're never gonna get
The hatred just builds it
It's breaking up the clouds in the sky
It's only getting bigger
You're never gonna split it
Entombing you until you die

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