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Astral Doors - Mercenary Man lyrics

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Mercenary Man by Astral Doors

Soldier boy, where's your toy?
Make your momma proud
And the medals of gold shows you're no murderer
Soldier boy do you feel joy
While sniping humans down
In the ruins of the Balkans or in Lebanon
Wonder what is lost in a mind so cold?
Forever to be damned
He's a mercenary man; your life is in his hands
Sorrow falls; up from the valley of the death he'll rise again
Mercenary man; the nations will bleed; he will never be free again
Baghdad dawn soon it's gone
Holy places burn
There are tribes killing tribes in Somalia
Infected boil drowned in oil
Profit's in command
High score of this game called hysteria
Years went by; this soldier returned to Ma' in a body bag
The Nazarene could walk on the water
For you and me, but why
The curtain will fall, humanity
Pity the whore, insanity
Stabbing your friend, you cheater
Failure of death or fraud of life
[Lead: J. Nordlund]
Puppets of rage, no pantomime
Walking the stage under the gun
Power supreme you are the
Master of flies
Is there a chance to pay back the fee of life?
He is forever damned
He will never be free again
Never ever be free

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