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Aska - Valkyries lyrics

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Valkyries by Aska

I taste the wrath of your might
I humble before thee dear father above
So bring down your hammer this night
Your thunder and lightning shall rain from the sky
Will I forgive you brother
Will you fight by my side
Blood reigns in Valhalla
To the battlefield we ride
Blood! Fire!
And the dead will ride the wings
Of the Valkyries
The dark clan of giants descend
The thirst for revenge burns like fire in our veins
So fight by my side to the end
With broadswords and axes let the carnage begin
I swear by the hand of Odin
And the blood of my first born son
I'll cast away my indignities
And stand by the chosen ones
Honor and duty - a code to guide my way
When the battle is over, the dead will raise again
On the wings of Valkyries
How does it feel when you're cut down
And you can't get back up
When you're down and you need a hand
Someone to give you strength
There's just one thing that will do it
Don't let 'em take it away
It's the calling to battle
And you will ride the wings, yeah
Blood! Fire!
And the dead will ride the
Wings of honor
And the gods will lead our
Charge to glory
On that day for every man
Who rides

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