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Ashley Esterwood - Weak lyrics

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Weak by Ashley Esterwood

I don't know what to do
When I come around you
You look at me and I die
So here I go, my last try
I'm praying that you'll notice
What I've done for you
Because I never noticed
You always stayed true
Correct me if I'm wrong
Just tell me to stop
I know that I've done bad
I know I made you mad
And even if it takes a lifetime
Even if it takes a year
One day I'll be the one you seek
Because you make me weak
I want to kiss you again
Don't want this to ever end
And when it does I'll miss the times
We used to spend together
And I've made a lot of mistakes
But now matter how many times it takes
I'll never give up
Because we will be forever
You make me feel faint
You make me uncomfortable
In the best way possible
You make me feel numb
You make me light up
In this, I give all my love
You're making me so weak
[Chorus x2]

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