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Arzt+pfusch - Schwarze Sonne lyrics

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Schwarze Sonne by Arzt+pfusch

Pearls before swine
Squatting in mud (shitlust)
Pigs point of view
Wallowing in dirt (reflection)
The world is a pigsti
I'm cleansing a (burnout)
A surgical reaping
Chemical wipeout, toxic meatkiller
(meat killler, meat killer, burnout, shitlust)
Ein schädel und sonnenlicht
The moon eclipse, the sun
Den tod und den augenblick
A black mass the time has come
(the time has come, ein schädel, sonnenlicht)
Die Schwarze sonne
I'm the surgeon general
Hate the chief in stab
Fork of satan - fuck of life
The blackest sun
And the surgeon general
Killed the chief in stab
Bored of satan, blood of christ
(blood of christ, bored of satan, the blackest sun)
God bless these pagans
God bless them for the wickerman
God bless these pagans
God bless them and their little drums
The devil is my comrade
The fog of the world (engulf me)
I turn and wait to examine you
And yet you elude me (x2)
We march alone
We burn cities and life (is nothing)
Scattered face, agony and pain
And yet it destroys all (destruction)
(destruction, destroys all, destruction is nothing)

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