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Reflection Of Sorrow

by Artemesia


Reflection Of Sorrow Song Lyrics

Reflection Of Sorrow by Artemesia

Turn Your Head Around And See Your Enemies
Everyone You Call Your Friend

Is Ready To Slit Down Your Wrists
I Curse, Damn This Whole Morbid World

Drowned In Hate

Since The Dawn Of Time And The First Days

Vision's Blurred, But I See This Ominous Sight
Endless Grief In My Sorrowful Eyes
As I Look At This Woebegone World Reflected As A Dream
They're Not Humans, But Shades

With Thirst To Prolong

Their Pitiful Lives For A While
I Belong To This Brood, I Belong To This Swarm,
I'm The Same As Them All
In This Crawling Horde

Upwards Over The Dead
Cut Their Throats Not To Give Them A Swallow Of Life
Blood And Poison Drip From Their Fangs
There're No Faces, But Atrocious Smiles
Blind Bleeds The Blind, Thirst For Blood
Flesh And Mind Shackled And Bound
Level Of Pain Equal For All
All Your Lives - Punishment Divine

Fallen Face Down, Trampled To Ashes And Dirt
Into Scattered Remains Of Those Who've Been Before You

On The Grey Stones Of This Endless Unbreakable Wall
I See Heavenly Tears Flowing Down
Freezing As The Unsplitable Ice
Cold Indifference Reflected In Fragments Of Glass
Broken Windows To Haze With No Rift
To A Borderless Lightless Abyss

Make Me Blind
Not To See This Swarming Hive
Make Me Deaf
Not To Hear Their Wicked Screams
Better Skin Me Alive
Not To Feel How They're Wasting My Soul
I Stand As I Cry
Look, Vast Tenement Graveyard Unfolds

Splendid Dance Like Convulsions Of Dressed In Flames
And My Tale Turns To Funeral Dirge
Solemn Requiem Of Humankind
...Weeping Verses Out Loud...
Spiral Staircase That Leads To Cradle Of Sleep
No One's There To Abolish This Law
Falling Down, Grasping At Final Straws

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