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Music Video

Wordplay Lyrics

by Arsonists


Wordplay Song Lyrics

Wordplay by Arsonists

[Chorus: Swel Boogie]
I could tell you wanna grab the mic because you're thirsty
Hoping you gonna get some shine but you're not worthy
Let me hear you make some noise if you heard me
We deal with wordplay, so your games could never hurt me

[Swel Boogie]
Let, let it be known in this game we're the illest MCs
F being cool, when I pass by you feelin' the breeze
I'm hotter than hell, my mission is to burn and attack you
You want it with Swel? Oh well, I was sworn to out last you
I be hurtin' ya wack crew, like work on a tattoo
Keep ya MC hidin' like a worm in an apple
Go and built your club house 'cause I'm earnin' a castle
And I ain't goin' nowhere, I'm a permanent rascal
My turn to run pass through flash dash and backdraft
Then again in your face teasin' you with the last laugh
You wack ass didn't learn the lesson I taught
Hip-hop is my game and I'm finessin' the sport
I'm takin' my time and still I'm ahead of your crew
Proves every reason in this world that I'm just better than you
I went to Q's and recorded in his house to Gallco
We 'bout to make you Bob from intro to outro

[Jise One]
Outro to intro, blazin' on instrumentals
Experimental the sentinel, Worf's walkin' infernos
External verbal a journal, beat hurdle breakin' incredible
Burst you to reversible explosion, y'all niggas' gerbils
Rat packing shacking with rhythm shaking shahadies
I'm picky iffy labodomy rhyme Swinga astrology
Pardom me but part of me love to rip it explicit inside of me
A torn wound surf we love to dish it
Fish it type esquisite, we pyro burning the shilznit
Kills it, you don't feel it than go and handle your business
Fitness is unlimited, pellin' it, mics, I'm spillin' it
Majors wantin' to no frill it, but hell, we wanna deal it

(Chorus 2x)

Superb words I shift enable the gift to lift masses
Grip the microphone tight enough till it smashes
You left back in classes, shiftin' through wack trashes
My hand goes across ya face till it slap passes
The rap crashes, does ya mic have the insurance?
A 100 beats per minute, can you spit it for the endurance?
Drop bait in dark, thought you hook on some small fish
But ya line caught the mind of a great white shark
Lets celebrate the new millennium, the year Q-thousand
Walk in, case the joint, play it off like I'm just browsin'
Catch you for your valuables, starvin'? Now you're full
But never should you doubt the pull of one who chargin' at the bull
Wave the red cape, spittin' off the head great
You feel from the Empire State and ended up a dead ape
It's a matter of principle like Joe Clark put the microphone
To the gasoline and watch 'em..

[Swel] all let the flow spark
[Q] So it won't go dark
[Jise] Shark walkin' able to bark
Mark words never absurb, place doubles of this on Noah's Ark
[Q] Flooded the earth with pen ink and watchin' evil men sink
connect a line and then link, the snare'll make your eye blink
[Swel] The loose your eyesight, lights bright, even the night's white
if it's out of my hands and in yours then the mics bite
[Jise] With the might of 51 police state troopers
I just might loosen up my screws to make moves
Sometimes is too tight
[Swel] Then start a food fight
"Don't get me started" like Skott said
Get retarded, I'm warnin' you that I cannot stop it
[Q] Like an octagon shape posted at the corner of the block
Watchin' ya sales go down like jock sneaker stock
[Jise] I told Chewbacca, rock a laser glock, spocks' around the block
Sock in the mouth it's better than feet, we got our sh*t locked
[Q] Like chainin' up the toilet
[Swel] Either that or get flushed
[Q] Bunji off the project buildin' just to get a rush

(Chorus 2x)

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