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Fat Laces Lyrics

by Arsonists


Fat Laces Song Lyrics

Fat Laces by Arsonists

[Jeff Jockwell]
Jeff Jockwell and you're tuning into WBRK
Brick 169
We're about to get into the newest release from The Arsonists
For your listening pleasure. Check it out
It's real smooth

(Intro sample: I'm the Slime by Frank Zappa 1973 album Overnite Sensation)

I'm gonna blow your mind (best believe that)(could ya?)
[GR8 Scott]
It was a
Cool and lonely breezy afternoon in the crib
I just finished doing vocals time to lay some adlibs
You could feel it cause it was the month of June No Question
But still I'm ready for the session with no second (thats right)
So best belive I'll never stop 'cause Hip Hop's my center
And all you fakes'd be dodging motion sensors to enter Aiyyo
Its about that time to rhyme (rhyme) and give 'em what they like
Negative vibes scram I need my fam-i-lam to get me hyped
The Hyper-
[GR8 Scott]
Active turn a rhyme reactive at the smack of instrumental loops
And start the troop like old LL Cool J jumpsuits
The thought recruits the ghetto running youth (without the verbal abuse)
The one that finds scribbling rhymes up in the ace caboose
Could you reduce the negative a just a tad but there you have it
Balance out the scale of false-a and the
'Plause of why the truth prevail
The check is in the mail for all you
Bill collecting leeches
While your rhyme's the type to kill and
Mines'll be the type that teaches
So to
Each his own
My microphone's turned on strictly for flexing
Don't need that comic to marvel I'm uncanny when I X-Men
(LikeTotalEclipseRobSwiftRaidaAndSinista) Uh huh-uh
Correction if I steer stand clear of my lazer beam projection
Having a hard time to get open into my C-Section with cuts
From that DJ spin one to bring perfection (Uh-huh)
You claim you're ill? I got the injection for that infection
Or who want to battle I advise parental discretion

I'm gonna blow your mind (could ya?) 4X

Ever so
[GR8 Scott]
Fresh like sling from 1983 so could it be
That I was born and raised to be an MC
Extraordinaire many thought of confrontation but just (wrong)
Wouldn't dare so I grabbed the microphone and just (right)
Wouldn't share now I'm known to be the one to be the one
To be the known for all you're odd or ordinary
Skip your coronary rip your auditory can*l for now
Livin' on the low but little did you know
You'll be into acting with the pros so
So many people trying to dis that and the third
While I'm trying to make The Arsonists a household word
Keep it real got played so I had to change my motto
Or off the head I stay ill like (?)chapo lin corlolados(?)
See mi sabado's gigante picante's my flavor
To stay hot I savor my Arsonists' behavior (thats right)
To set fires as long as I live in this game
The center of attention so you marshmallows feel the flames
People play shame to say you overcrossed my boundaries
to keep 'em coming gave society information
Now they running for the shine
Pennies Nickels Nickles Dimes
Its a happy mother(eh)
Its the one that tapped the (uhhh!)
That you mentioned to the demons that
Went and stole the soul
And got a Public Enemy like
Chuckie straight-up say you know so (ohhh)
Watch the rhymes get written round the running of a clock
Shouts to Co-flow and Non Phixion yo I sees/sieze you at the top...

I'm gonna blow your mind (could ya?) 3X

D-Stroy and [GR8 Scott]
Arsonists is settin fires cause [Arsonists is settin fires cause]
Yo no matter what you say baby [No no matter what you say baby]
From the bottom to the top you know dat
[From the bottom to the top you know dat]

I'm gonna blow your mind (Follow Follow Follow Follow)

I'm gonna blow your mind (could ya?) 3X
[GR8 Scott]
You get in kinetics or the choice
But want free chocolate men who'll
Crash 'n' dice you don't mean nice, ha ha
Try to say that fast

[GR8 Scott]
[GR8 Scott]

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