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Arrested Development - Mr. Wendal lyrics

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Mr. Wendal by Arrested Development

Break time’s here, we have to say
LISTEN UP! Don’t go away
Now we go back to the fun
Message time it’s over and done
Facts are facts and have no sum
This is where commercials come
We are green from head to toe
Now we go back to the show
Don’t get mad don’t hold the grudge
We’ll be back so don’t you budge
We don’t spread rumors only fact
After this, we’ll be right back
Don’t you change the channel yet!
We’ll be right back you can bet
Break is over, here’s the show
Commercial’s over, don’t you know?
Now it’s time to watch the show
Now we’re gonna have a break
Message time we’re gonna take
Stay right there where you’ve been sat
We’ll be back in no time flat
Don’t touch your set don’t turn that dial!
We’ll be back in just awhile
Here we go back to the show
That’s the fact so now you know!
I don’t know what I have heard
We’ll be back after this word
We’ll be back with much more fun
Now don’t you change the channels son!
We’ll be back after this break
Don’t touch that dial for goodness’ sake
Listen up we have to say
We’ll be back don’t go away
I don’t know what I assumed
That cartoon will soon resume
Don’t get stranded, give a shout
The show is back, CHECK IT OUT!
You stay with this way cool station
Now back to our animation
Ads are over they’re all done
Now it’s back with cartoon fun
We march through and we march forth
Now we march back to the show
Now we are back for some more
Break time action is a whore!
Commercials come, commercials go
Now we say BACK to THE SHOW!
Rise and shine it’s time to sack
You can say, “We’ll be right back”
Submitted by Michael Hack

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