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Parade Parade Lyrics

by Arms Like Yours


Parade Parade Song Lyrics

Parade Parade by Arms Like Yours

(Verse 1)
Look at this mess you've made,
Your, your own attraction at your own parade,
But I guess that's what I get right?
For showing you my love, every single night
And I know it was, and accident,
When he slipped into your bed...

I try so hard to,
See the good in you,
You make it so hard to,
When I know he's been inside you too...

(Verse 2)
I'm stuck at what to say,
No matter what I did was ever good enough for you anyway
You know what I will do to you,
You know what I will do to you...
I wanna douse you in gasoline,
Light a match just to watch you scream,
You know I'd love you so much more if
You weren't such a whore...


Don't cry, Just dry, Your eyes

(Break Down)
You think that this,
This isn't done,
Cause I'm still here,
You haven't won...

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