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Of Snake And Raven

by Arcane Grail


Of Snake And Raven Song Text

Of Snake And Raven by Arcane Grail

[Dialogue on Meru's top:]
"Black-and-white world spreads under my wings
Forests and streams, loughs and fields
Mount, give me the freedom, inaccessible for people,
Who's potter underneath like ants,
Fuss and nonchalantly pass away"

In torments and pain, from famine and plagues
By hostile sword or in the bedroom, cursed

Religions, castles, money and slaves --
All these deeds, needless in graves
(Are nothing in contrast with freedom of spirit and mind! )

"Better to fly in the high
Toward the infinite stars
And be the goddess of the wind!"
Fly high in the sky
With my eyes
See my life
Be envious to our tribe!

Thousands shimmering flowers I see in the night
They radiate heat and lead me to the food
I'm fearless and strong, I'm rude

From my serpentine hissing the animals quiver
With my coils I'm asphyxia, by my venom I'm fever
My silhouette insinuates the terror and the palsy
But I am omnipotent and I can give the forces

For feeble people, dying from the maladies
And thirsting for salvation to die soon with their fallacies

These thoughts of snake and raven
Are sung on our brazen lips
Their worlds are secret havens
For our souls and boundless wits
We need to seek our grandeur!

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