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Raping The Mind Of A Sane Lyrics

by Appleton


Raping The Mind Of A Sane Song Lyrics

Raping The Mind Of A Sane by Appleton

After deaths embrace comes the tunnel of light
Follow it and you an sit at the holy ones side

The ones of your kind
That were good in live
Can take place to my right
All hails to thee
Become an angel of light

All you sinners take the place on my left
You will suffer for your mortal sins
Become an angel of darkness

The whispering wind tells ancient answers from beyond
He whistles them trough the woods
The stars tell storys of gods on their thrones
Watching the universe grow
Light up your mind
Like an immortal fire of purity
Don't get it torn apart

They teach you some morals
Made by some fat assed preachers
During the medival age

And we follow like children
Till eternity comes for us

Choose your leader wisely
The christian ones try to tear you appart from sanity
Into a freakshow of vanitiy

Belive in yourself and listen to the winds in the trees
For they are the real messangers of the eternal being called god

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