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Apollo Brown - Cellophane Cypher lyrics

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Cellophane Cypher by Apollo Brown

(Verse 1: Quelle Chris)
One city define the state of a whole country
8.50 the night devours the day hungry
Provide a life for free to receive for the ?
One for the club poppers rockin' they favorite outfits
One for the dope ass tip and the fit of vodka
One for the ? of the thug niggas liftin' the block up
The other two carry a hood throughout various products
Middle class Aries carryin' angels and masses
This the life, hip-hop's most dangerous topic
And better than papi preachin' the predicate to mosh pits (?)
But even in it's most hectic, the city is pressure
The power for pressure felt from learnin' a hard lesson
Confesses' a first time in yo lifeline came
With a sunshine of the night's fall from your right mind
And sometimes it's beautiful, sometimes it's not
Sometimes is knucklehead niggas, sometimes it's the cops
Some brothers live in the dark all day
Wound between a rock and a hard place cuz the light of day
Is a hallway to chase a nigga up
(Verse 2: Ras Kass)
I belch through niggas hoods and leave a trail of lava
My flow is Blade try to reawaken the Mangler
I'm Ogular, d'you know the $ sneakers by Prada
Layed out for dad's daughter, my b**ch is a dick model
Ain't nobody hotter, put the (fthu) is spittin'
The otha nigga, 50 Cent, musta forgot to mention
That a murder in eight bars actually is seven
You keep one in the chamber to snipe angels in heaven
Even endanger the rebel, sh*t, please believe it
I read street English, then I speak it kalinga
Won't even front like 'em billionaire Emcees
My money low, I'm at the house makin' macaroni and cheese
I hate y'all niggas, then treat y'all niggas
Like LA niggas treated the LA Clippers
(Verse 3: Cavalier)
Cav evil, tab the pad with the tattoo needle
Tap that ass, now she gon' sleep in the fetal
Can't get no satisfact to equal my appetite for herb
If my actions concern, you people just know concern
Betta go mind yo b', yo hoe outta line, mind yo b'
I come with mine, BYOB
All you can be is soft, I'm hard like crease with spray starch
Clean clocks on Easter, heath sharp like a priest
But a beast play a nigga and guitar
With a lock for e's, u's, r's, we grind on sheets
Plenty dimes, I spend time with ... but my piece
Shiit, but fee fi fo fum I smell dro blunts
The chief got a nose for peef
Temtempo-peedic, get outta my space
Get outta myspace, Cav takin' office and swingline staplers
(Verse 4: Has-Lo)
Yo, attract to me, black fast blender
Rap for the act rippers, glass livers
Crack, liquor, have bad liquors
It'll all work out more or less short of respect
Night check to the corner cassette
Bet is pricy, lot of ill sh*t on my block happened nightly
Uh, don't got much more than that
When I take it to the crib I'mma write like I'm in the dub shack
LBC sh*t, PHI sh*t, yo, you could see me, I be here on my sh*t
Come off the top of the head, yo when I rhyme
The system be cling to the red
Leave you dead, the whites, this is me, errday, errnight
Out of sight like Lion-o with the sword, right?
Yeah, you know it from the 80' cartoon sh*t
Yo, when I'm killin' just like this, yo (I dunno)
(Verse 5: yU)
I ain't hopin' ?
Hooties hot darker in skin' has been in the sauna
sh*t is truer than a movie, man, we livin' in one
Over rims you get shot like the tip of the drum
Buy my ? income ova yo crib for the dumb
You know, under the pillow, if the sneaker get done
Ratio was 10 to 1 when you lived in the slum
So pay attention to yo young, henchmen he among
Outta breath, you neva find nobody ling you alone
You in the wind, lookin' blown, not a fin where you from
I turn my pen to a gun, ends the clip, I let it drip to the drum
I spit a gin phlegm straight from the tongue
I like being on the mic and I resemble the sun
Vince Mark give a spark to all the ignorant numb
Errybody want the crime, but don't admit to give ones(?)
Sometimes these so called hotters be the zin-toness ones
(Outro: Apollo Brown)
I play round with these words, keep it fly
Someday you gonna die
Product test me, why you, niggas has long bunch o' rides
Nigga, might just have to woop yo ass, simple as that

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