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A//Political - When lyrics

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When by A//Political

When soldiers no longer fill our streets and their calls
Of machine gun fire and rockets can not be heard.
Mothers are no longer forced to relinquish their beloved children
To the horrors of the fruitless battlefield of war,
With the only compensation for the red life
She'd by those bodies is the red, white, and blue
Of a hollow and meaningless flag.
Death, destruction, and murder, are no longer the rule,
Life is for the first time in the tyrannical history of states
More important than the ending of it.
When animals are free from torture and slaughter by treacherous humans
And no more shrill cries of agony and no more ghastly howls
Fill the air by animal killing themselves just to be free from torture.
All non-human animals are free to live life
And the whip once used against them is turned against their masters
And the chains that held them in bondage and servitude are forever broken.
No longer slaves for fashion, food, or fodder for testing,
No longer our lessers, no longer in their own Auschwitz.
When god and religious morality and mortality are no longer shoved down our throats
And the preachings of death by the priests are forgotten
And the hypocritical moral laws of the state are a thing of the past,
Gods, deities, and all theisms share the same bate
As the monarchs that they once served to hold up.
No longer do thoughts and preachings of fear
Bind us to these outside mandates and elitist structures
To keep use in line and subservient.
When women are no longer dominated by male egoism and pride.
When they rise up and break the yoke of male domination
That hangs around their necks and silenced are the cries
Of reactionaries that say a woman's place is in the kitchen or on her knees.
Equal rights for equal people, no longer men's possession, no longer men's protection.
Different organs, same minds, different gender, same capacity,
Sex is no validation for discrimination.
When all people are free to live life the way that they see fit
And all animals are equal and the environment is sacred.
When death and doom are no longer given facts and threats to our survival.
When god is dead and man no longer strives to take the place of an omnipotent and apathetic deity.
When humynkind is no longer forces to die and cry their sorrow before earth.
When peace and justice reign not guns and false alliance.
When all is here and all are equal.
But still we are not here, how many more must die, how many more tears must fall to earth?

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